Primesure Brokers

Primesure Brokers Ltd bring together a group of Brokers all with many years of experience in the insurance industry. These brokers are supported by a very stable office staff who have also been with Primesure for many years.

Primesure is now operating as a division of Runacres Insurance since its merger in 2019. Both our team and our business services are well recognised for excellence – and will therefore remain unchanged. The same local team will be available to assist you with your insurance needs as before, with the added benefit of a nationwide network backing us.

Primesure is a very friendly organisation. The brokers and staff work together as equals and decisions are made on the basis of consensus. The system works very well at Primesure because the working relationships are built on trust and respect.

We can offer various insurance solutions for domestic insurance, commercial insurance even medical and life insurance. These solutions become vital when you suffer an insurable event that is outside your control.

Primesure has agreements with all the major Insurance Companies in New Zealand including some off shore this enables us to give you a variety of options on product and pricing.

Why do all the running around yourself when you can have a specialist assist you with policy selection, risk management, remarketing and claims handling.

Primesure Brokers: offer a wide range of insurance products and services, including: Life, Medical, Business, House, Contents, Car , Boat, and Rental Property Insurance … see the full list of insurance products and services.