Primesure Motorsport Sponsorship

Primesure is proud to sponsor Jason Nicholl and his race car below is an update from Jason for his last race:

The Primesure car has extended its lead in its class at Pukekohe this past weekend and has also managed by a mere 4 points ( there are 350 available each round ) the overall Porsche club championship (highest points gained in a class).

The results were a 1st in class in qualifying, two 2nd in class and a third in class. Unfortunately due to the handicapping system, class wins were effectively taken away in the two handicap races.

We were expected to make up 15 and 20 seconds respectively yet the cars we were chasing down were eventually lapping in identical times, and my qualifying lap could not be matched in these races with the track conditions and weight (I ran as low on fuel as I dared to set the qualifying time).