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What does Contents Insurance cover?

Having contents insurance is important to think about, whether you own your own home, are renting, have a holiday home or are a landlord offering tenants the use of your personal items. A contents insurance policy provides cover against a range of adverse events including burglary, damage to your contents as a result of a

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Who needs Business Interruption Insurance?

Every business that relies on their physical premises in order to work should have Business Interruption insurance to cover a potential loss of profit if their work premise or assets are damaged by an insurable event. As any New Zealand business that has been through a disruption caused by floods or earthquakes in recent times knows, the

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What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability insurance is extremely important for all businesses to have and even more so if your business interacts at all with customers and/or the public. This includes either at your business premises, when undertaking work at a client’s site, or when working in or on a building owned by somebody else. It can cover

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